How to Have a 10 Hour Working Week

How many times have you seen articles with titles like this, promising to share the secret of how to get a better work/life balance? Don’t they make you dream of afternoons in the sunshine drinking beers with amigos? Do your thoughts drift to imagining what life would be like if every weekend was a long... Continue Reading →


I Got Stood Up

Yep. I got stood up by a beautiful but terrible man. FFS. Quick bit of back story for anyone who cares... I was in back-to-back relationships for the entirety of my 20’s, and I met my two long term boyfriends through university and work. Therefore, I’d never really had the opportunity to date. But, if... Continue Reading →

I Had a Massage in Colombia

…and it was a total disaster. A couple of weeks ago I was feeling a little tightly wound, due to my very stressful life of working 15 hours a week and having too many leisurely afternoon naps (I know I'm awful, please don't hate me). So, I decided to ‘splurge’ and treat myself to a... Continue Reading →

When Volunteering Goes Wrong

When I first arrived in South America, I signed up to a website called Workaway. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Workaway is a subscription-based website where hostels, farms, schools, and every other establishment you could possibly imagine advertise for volunteers. In exchange for a few hours’ work per week, the volunteer... Continue Reading →

This Week I Did a Little Experiment

This week I did an experiment, and it didn’t really go very well. Over the past two months I’ve been having a bit of trouble adjusting from backpacker life to digital nomad life, and my concentration is non-existent. Turns out, it’s really hard to sit in a room and focus on work for more than... Continue Reading →

Mean Girls: Travel Edition

Facebook travel groups are full of bitches. There, I said it. In the run up to my current trip, I joined loads of female travel groups to get advice and to feel a little less alone on my first big solo voyage. The very reason that these groups exist is for us to inspire one... Continue Reading →

Tales from a Bang Motel

This tale is regurgitated from a friend of mine here in Medellín. Now, I know what you're thinking: "a friend, yeah sure". But, this is absolutely a story from a pal who has asked to remain nameless (I don't care about that though, his name is Alex). I didn't know this before I arrived here,... Continue Reading →

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